Zack Eswine with words and prayers for those who spend long hours awake at night.

Worry is nocturnal. It spreads its crow wings to caw and scratch. We, the night worried, toss and turn then. Hollered and flapped throughout the night, we dishevel our breathing and muss our hair till dawn. What will the day bring?
Of course, many neighbors of ours also lie awake without sleep. Some, because “night life” offers a good shot at feeling happy or getting lucky. Others lie awake with grief. They sob there in hospital rooms or kidnapper cages. They weep and they wail on their own bed or in the bed of a stranger who spoke of love but didn’t. The aging lie awake with memory or its loss, and either way with more trips to the bathroom than desired.
Here are three prayers and a meditation for you who find yourselves wakened in the dark seeing ghosts on the waters and needing the peace and presence of Jesus. Tonight, when you wake, know that I am probably with you, calling out in the deeps, seeing grace set ablaze or waiting it out, when every flame seems frightened and elsewhere. You are not alone. Ancient prayers given by fellow night travelers who’ve gone before us light our path.

A Prayer of Thanks (Gratitude in the Night)
A Prayer for Help (Confident Intercession in the Night)
A Prayer of Lament (Tearful Intercession in the Night)

Go here to read the three prayers.

One thought on “Three Prayers For Those Worried In The Night (via Zack Eswine)

  1. Brian Johnson says:

    Very true, thank you Gary for this very timely blog. We have an awesome and gracious God!!!!

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