Some grabs from yesterday.
Contextualisation: Bringing the changeless message of the Gospel to address the particular cultural situation of the audience.
Sermon introductions: ‘Open up your Bibles to …’ is also a contextualised approach to a felt need of an audience.
No one presentation can transcend all cultures.
What steps do we take to locate/stay in touch with the context of our locality?

On marriage and ministry (in conversation from Kathy and Tim Keller):
If you have an unhealthy marriage, how can you have a healthy ministry? The Gospel of Christ is clouded if it’s not being exercised at home.
Ministry marriages fall apart: how does it happen? – getting busy for the Lord, getting hollow in life. Something comes along to fill the hole.
Over the long journey sexual chemistry will not be consistent.
Friendship can be. It needs to be continually renewed and remembered.
Culture tells us when you lose sight of it you move on.
Every relationship gets old.
You have to learn to reinvigorate and renew them.
Put new meaning in the physical and non-physical aspects of relationships.
Possible quote of the day: ‘Sometimes it’s just meat and potatoes sex.’ (from Kathy Keller)

Missional conversation: not about changing the topic to the Gospel, but bringing the Gospel to bear on every topic.

And Chris Siriweera wanted me to include this photo of him, to prove that he was here.

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