David Murray points out the difference between giving thanks and self promotion; the difference between showing how far you are in front of everyone and encouraging them to grow.
This is particularly pointed at pastors, but has applications for everyone.

How to make Christian hearts and heads droop.

Find lots of different ways of saying:

“I have the best parents in the world.”
“I have the best wife in the world.”
“I have the best kids in the world.”
“I am the best witness in the world.”


For a bit of variation, regularly use yourself as an example of godly character and conduct.
To make even more heads drop and hearts sink, use social media to communicate the same message.

If it’s all true (perhaps the biggest “IF” in the world), thank God in privacy and humility.
Then look really, really hard for a personal weakness and boast loudly and widely about it (2 Cor. 11:30; 12:9).
And watch God be lifted up, along with lots of Christian hearts and heads.

One thought on “How To Discourage Other Christians (via David Murray)

  1. Deb says:

    Good call. Very good call.

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