What does A Theology Of Luke And Acts promise? (Zondervan, 2012)
Darrell Bock has written the volume of Zondervan’s Biblical Theology Of The New Testament devoted to the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. He has subtitled the book God’s Promised Program, Realised For All Nations.
Bock observes that the books have been separated in the canon and states that his goal is “reconnect the volumes to each other and to tell Luke’s theological story in which one cannot see Jesus without understanding the story of the community that he was responsible for launching”. (pg 28)
What I liked.
On a partial reading of the book I’d have to say I like everything.
As a companion to Bock’s published commentaries on Luke and Acts, this volume distills a whole career of scholarship in the Lucan corpus. In Part One, Bock deals with Introductory Matters, then moves on to Major Theological Themes in Part Two (60% of the book’s page count), before concluding with Part Three which examines Luke And The Canon.
There is extensive interaction with other scholarship, references are footnoted and bibliographies precede each chapter.
The structure of the book provides for thematic explorations through the two books. Chapter 9 deals with the person of the Holy Spirit. Attention is first given to the Spirit’s presence in the infancy materials, then moves into the rest of Luke’s gospel, marking 3:15-16 as pivotal, continues into Acts where the Spirit’s work in Chapter 2 and beyond are considered. As the chapter concludes Bock pays attention to the theme of the Spirit as power and concludes with a comprehensive summary of His work in the life of the church.
Even in areas such as Chapter 19’s consideration of ecclesiology Bock irencially refers to elements of continuity and discontinuity between Israel and the Church in a way that demonstrate his own convictions while still recognising others.
What I’m not sure about.
Not a thing.

This is a brilliant book. A gift to the church.
Any serious student of New Testament and Biblical Theology will have to refer to this work.
Though scholarly, I have found myself just picking it up and reading it for pleasure.
And then considering anew the themes of Luke’s narrative in his gospel and Acts.

The review copy of A Theology Of Luke And Acts was provided by Zondervan Publishers’ Koinonia Blog as part of their A Theology Of Luke And Acts blog tour.
Provision of the book did not require the publication of a positive review.

One thought on “A Theology Of Luke And Acts By Darrell Bock – A Book Review

  1. Totally agree Gary. I joined reviewing chapter 8. I am looking forward to finish the whole book. Thanks for a brilliant review Gary.


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