Some days you just have to wonder if Koorong believe anyone reads their catalogue blurbs (or the Old Testament):

The Minor Prophets: 3 Volumes In 1
Edited by Thomas Edward McComiskey
Except for a few well-known passages, the twelve Minor Prophets are often neglected by Bible exegetes due to their focus on doom and judgment. This handy 3-in-1 volume seeks to remedy the situation, featuring detailed notes from today’s top evangelical scholars covering the original text of the books, plus practical life applications drawn from them.

4 thoughts on “More Classic Material From The Koorong Catalogue

  1. There’s so much devotional material for those days when Damascus beats you with iron threshing sledges. I’m surprised Joyce Meyer and Creflo A. Dollar haven’t mentioned it.

    1. gjware says:

      Something about the phrase: ‘due to their focus on doom and judgment’ just cracks me’ up a bit.

  2. Grant Hayes says:

    The Koorong catalogue blurb is simply a condensed version of the publisher’s description on the book’s back cover. If you check a copy, you’ll find that the words “doom and judgement” feature there in the opening phrase! So perhaps you should direct your snicker to Baker Books. :^)

    1. gjware says:

      Consider it so directed.
      I’m aware Koorong don’t make the blurbs up, but surely someone reads this sort of stuff and thinks ‘wha…?’

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