The Presbyterian Church of Queensland has posted the December/January edition of New Directions on their website. (Downloadable in four parts) Make it part of your summer reading.

Articles include:

  • a report on the ‘Flourish’ women’s ministry conference;
  • a ‘Family Day’ that was provided free of cost to their local community by Gateway Presbyterian church;
  • an article about ‘Culture and the Christian’ by Don Geddes;
  • progress on the renovations of the church offices;
  • a short piece on attitudes to death and funerals by Bruce Winter;
  • a paragraph noting the death at age 102 of William White, servant of the Gospel;
  • a page on the ‘Outback Tagalong’ led by Laurie and Gwen Peake;
  • a report on the 150th anniversary commemorations of Springsure Presbyterian;
  • a couple of letters giving advice on how best to compose letters of comment for newspapers or participate on talk-back radio, written people with professional backgrounds in these mediums;
  • updates on the work of PresCare;
  • a report on the South-East Fun and Adventure Camp;
  • along with many other news items.

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