The September issue of The (Presbyterian) Pulse, magazine of the Presbyterian Church in New South Wales is available for download.
Apart from a substantial amount of news from across the NSW churches, the issue features a substantial report on the decisions of the General Assembly (State Church annual meeting). When local churches are able to pool their resources they can minister effectively over a larger region that many of the smaller churches would struggle to care for.
I appreciated Chris Balzer’s article on the Sabbath. Apart from issues of how to observe the day, many are within the Presbyterian church are departing from accepting the Sabbath day as having a particular authority at all. Balzer give an able defence of Presbyterian belief on the subject along with some practical encouragement.
There are some reflections from John Calvin on prayer and a book review of ‘The Man From Little River’, a biography of George McArdle, former bass guitarist of the Little River Band. Looks interesting.
Merrylands Presbyterian Church has a particular ministry to those who have suffered miscarriages. The article provides the poignant background to the genesis of the ministry along with detail about how this sensitive work is carried out.
Naomi Read provides her monthly insights about mission, focussing this time on how to pray for those involved in cross cultural work. Martin Eagle contributes an interesting piece on how to use frequent flyer points to support and bless the work of missionaries.
Finally, Peter Barnes writes on divorce. Given the huge variety of situations that are reflected in marriage troubles there is not a ‘one size fits all’ position on this subject. Barnes overviews a number of these varying situations, and seeks to bring biblical teaching about divorce to bear on them.
All this and more for free. I don’t know what the Latin is for ‘download and read’, but chances are if I did you may not understand anyway, so download away.

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