A Matter of Death and Life

Read Romans 5.
Paul has laid his charge: all humanity, regardless of ethnic background, deserve God’s wrath. But the good news is that Jesus has taken that wrath upon Himself so that people from any race or religious background can be in a right relationship with God. This is the ultimate fulfilment of God’s promise to Abraham. All of our life is found in Jesus.

• We have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Who is at peace with whom? (1)
• Suffering produces _____________, which produces ______________ which produces _____________. What is this a sign of? (2,5)
• Why did the Lord Jesus die? (6-8)
• How does this fact help us face the situations described in question 2?
• What is our expectation for the future? (9)
• How does that impact on our attitude to the here and now? (10-11)
• Christians focus on the death of Jesus, which is vital. What else does verse 11 point us to?
• What fruit did sin produce in the world?
• Paul speaks about sin being present before the commandments were able to reveal it. What evidence does he present to back up that assertion? (12-14)
• What contrast does Paul make between Adam and the Lord Jesus in verses 15-17?
• What terms contrast with ‘sin’ and ‘death’ in these verses?
• If existence under God’s wrath was death what is existence under God’s gracious gift?

Some notes.
This chapter marks what seems to be a transition. New material is being opened up while the opening themes of the book are still being dealt with.
The Christian’s past, present and future are being addressed.
In addition to sin being forgiven, which deals with the past, Paul starts introducing the subjects of life now and life to come.
The inheritance of Adam was death, the gift of God in Christ is eternal life.
In working through these questions the contrast emerges of the great disparity between a deserved judgment of death that flowed from disobedience and eternal life in the reign of the risen Lord Jesus Christ at peace with God.
We didn’t spend a lot of time unpacking this life in depth because the following chapters do that in more depth. Rather we wanted to emphasise the central idea of Chapter 5, that new life in Christ is not simply an escape from God’s wrath but is an entry into eternal riches in Christ.

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