In addition to the Winter Sale catalogue this mailing brings us a Food For Thought Catalogue, which usually contains lots of interesting fare. (Also less coffee mugs.) (Although I really wish they’d stock the Bobble Head John Calvin)
So, what’s of interest?
Food for Thought.
A little light on for new commentaries this time.
I just ordered the 2 volume Luke Reformed Evangelical Commentary.
Tony Bird’s James Commentary in the Welwyn Series (Page 2) looks good.
I can’t tell if their catalogue editor has a sense of humour putting Tom Wright’s ‘surprising and inspiring’ book on justification right on top of John Piper’s book which contends ‘that Wright’s highly influential views distort the historic doctrine of justification by faith’. (Page 3) Maybe next month they’ll sell the two books as a bundle.
I also ended up getting the Tozer classics on page 12.
The Calvin material on page 6 is worth keeping an eye on. There’s a fair bit coming out this year and more to come.
The Winter Sale catalogue.
Growing Your Faith by Jerry Bridges (page 24) would be straightforward and solid.
The three books in the series After Jesus by Paul Barnett on page 31 look interesting.
Not so interesting but wryly amusing is seeing Tim Challies book The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment on the same page as Joel Osteen’s Your Best Life Now. Read them in the right order and save yourself the purchase of one.

Really loopy. (Judging a book by its cover dept.) Gigi, God’s Little Princess: There’s A Princess In Me is a picture book for girls aged 4-7. It has a mylar mirror ‘so girls can see themselves as they truly are daughters of the King of kings, God’s little princesses.’ It’s right under His Little Princess which recounts ‘love letters [that] show they’re not pretend princesses – their King is for real and so is their royal identity.’ I don’t know what to make of this stuff. Our identity as Christians is that we are children of God by adoption, loved and accepted by Him because of Jesus. What’s wrong with emphasising that? I’ll look at them some time and see how they deal with it.

Over and out.

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