The outline:
1) The history of death.
a) The one man’s transgression. (12-14)
b) God’s judgment. (9-10)
c) Humanity’s status. (6-8)
2) The history of life.
a) The second man’s obedience.
b) God’s love.
c) Our status.
Some comments.
The chapter does break into two sections, 1-11 and 12-21, but since the content overlaps between the two I want to examine the contrasting elements.
Firstly, death.
Verses 12 to 14 deal with Adam’s transgression and its effect on humanity.
Verses 9 and 10 describe us as those under God’s wrath and His enemies.
Verses 6-8 and 12-21 give an insight into human existence as marked by death.
Secondly, life.
Verses 15-19 outline Jesus’ obedience and righteousness as the basis for our justification.
Verses 6-11 demonstrate that this is a demonstration of God’s reconciling love.
Verses 1-5 describe many blessings which are part of the Christian’s life, all generously given by God. This is life!
That’s an outline. Preaching it takes a little longer.

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