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Consider Christ – Sunday Songs

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Something Australian this week. Not that that makes it any better (or worse).
Consider Christ was written by Bryson Smith, pastor of Dubbo Presbyterian with music by Philip Percival, now executive director of EMU Music. Originally released under a label called Plainsong, the is now published by EMU. It appears on the albums Consider Christ, You Alone and New Song In My Heart. (If you want the best overall introduction/compilation of EMU’s early catalogue get New Song In My Heart)
Having sung this song for over ten years, I think it will be around for a while yet. Smith and Percival would probably contend that their respective skills have matured and developed during the intervening years but there is an earnest simplicity to the song.
The first half of each verse recalls the work of Jesus, the refrain expresses a response to that work. From my untrained perspective, the tune is singable and doesn’t take any unexpected or hard to follow turns. (Told you I was untrained.) The verse/chorus structure is a definite help in learning the song.
The reproduction of the lyrics here is for review purposes.

Consider Christ, the source of our salvation
That he should take the penalty for me
Though he was pure, a lamb without a blemish;
He took my sins and nailed them to the tree

My Lord and God
You are so rich in mercy
Mere words alone are not sufficient thanks.
So take my life, transform, renew and change me
That I might be a living sacrifice

Consider Christ, that he could trust his Father
In the garden of Gethsemane
Though full of dread and fearful of the anguish;
He drank the cup that was reserved for me.

Consider Christ, for death he has defeated.
And he arose, appeared for all to see.
And now he sits at God’s right hand in heaven
Where he prepares a resting place for me.

©1996 Bryson Smith & Philip Percival

Here’s a link to the song’s page on the EMU website. It contains a sample of the song that includes the chorus and the third verse, so you’ll get a good idea of it.
The youtube link is a congregation singing the song. The acoustics are not the best, but it gives some idea of how it can work in a local church setting.

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