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A Pointed Message (preparing for MGPC 23/6/19)

Song: No Other Name
Call to Worship
Song: In Tenderness
Prayer Of Confession
Song: My Faith Looks Up To See
Affirming our Faith: New City Catechism 25
Song: May The Grace Of Christ Our Saviour
Bible Reading: Luke 5: 27 – 6:11 – Jesus challenges common assumptions regarding associating with “sinners,” fasting, and Sabbath observance.
Bible Memorisation: Romans 5:8
Song: O For A Thousand Tongues
Bible Reading: 1 Kings 22: 1-40
Sermon: A Pointed Message
Pastoral Prayer:
Closing Blessing
Song: The Love Of The Father

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Friday Night Done Right

I have this ongoing weight-control program.
This is part-break and part-reward from some recent fine tuning I’ve been doing on that program.
I’m not eating alone, but I’m also not saying who else is here.
But (one of) my daughters is getting very proficient with her grazing platter skills.

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New Shoes

I bought my old pair of exercise shoes on August 3 last year.

They’ve probably done over 3000kms of mostly walking. Mount Gambier, various gyms, Adelaide, Sydney, Maryborough/Hervey Bay, Gold Coast, Melbourne.

They’re wearing and my feet are feeling it. I’ve probably let these go a little too long.

Time for a new pair. And I was even able to get my preferred colour this time.

Off to the gym again tomorrow.

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Where God Will Lead His People This Week (via Scotty Smith)

Scotty Smith offers a prayer about where God leads His people.
Not where we’d go by our own decision, but it’s where we need to go.
It’s written for a Monday, but as the week flows along you can see how the prayer is being answered.

Do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness forbearance and patience, not realizing that God’s kindness is intended to lead you to repentance? Rom. 2:4

Heavenly Father, on this June Monday, we are so grateful for the riches of your kindness, forbearance, and patience. You have enriched us beyond all measure in Jesus.
All of these good gifts converge in this one verse from Romans. The most certifiably insane thing we do is to “show contempt” for these treasures. After all, this wonderful triad of graces will only take us to the address called freedom on the path called repentance.
Indeed, the Holy Spirit will never direct us to self-contempt or condemnation, but only to a place of greater liberty and Christlikeness. Because of Jesus’ finished work, your ongoing work in our lives — even when it hurts, is so good.
When we resist the convicting work of the Spirit and refuse to humble ourselves, we’re worse than silly. We’re toxically foolish. You give grace to the humble and resist the proud. Who in their right mind would ever want your resistance? We want grace, Father, as much as you will give us.
Thank you for leading us to humility, not humiliation; to shelter, not shame; to repentance, not penance. Thank you for teaching us that repentance is collapsing on Jesus as our righteousness, not making vain promises we can’t and won’t keep.
So kind Father, fill our week with the beauty of Jesus and quick repentances. As your kindness leads us to repentance, may it also lead us to loving others as Jesus loves us. Give us more joy in walking with you this week than being admired, appreciated, and applauded by our peers. So very Amen we pray, in Jesus’ merciful and mighty name.


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Footy Tipping 2019 – NRL State of Origin bye / AFL Round 14

All the NRL teams get a weekend off so they can watch the State of Origin Game on Sunday night. Anytime Queensland start undeniable favourites there’s cause for nerves. Again, if the Queensland forwards can stop the NSW forwards, they should go okay.
I was only two points off a perfect round. Instead I’m two games down.

AFL seems more interested in teaching their fans how to behave. Because all their players are such outstanding role models.

NRL (last round 6/8; season tally 66/108)

AFL (last round 4/6; season tally 67/111)
West Coast

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The Squire And The Parson by Kate Rusby

The Squire And The Parson is a song based on a local fable that features the titular squire and parson, a struggle in the dark, and mistaken identity.
Whimsical fun.

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A Preaching Audit Of The Presbyterian Church Of Victoria by David Cook

This is a fascinating exercise.
David Cook – preacher and teacher of preachers with decades of experience audits the preaching of the denomination whose preaching conference he’s hosting.
From Cook:

In conducting the audit I listened online to 40 preachers, with at least one from each of the 13 Presbyteries in the state. The preachers included students for the ministry, ministers and lecturers. Age-wise, about one-third were in their 20’s and 30’s; another one-third in their 40’s and 50’s and the final one-third over 60. I tried to listen to the sermons as close to the first Sunday in November as I could.

Read his observations and conclusions at AP Online.