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New Denizen In The Batcave

This Batgirl figure was amazingly inexpensive on eBay, so she’ll take her place with a whole bunch of Batmen and a Robin.

I’m happy owning one Bruce Timm based piece.

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Missing In Action

…that time when someone walks off with your bag and leaves their very similar one behind on the carousel…

It’s going to make for a later drive home from Adelaide to Mount Gambier than I’d planned.

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Reunions – An Upcoming New Album From Jason Isbell

There’s a new album from from Jason Isbell in May.
It’s called Reunions.
To clarify for readers of this blog: Isbell’s not a Christian singer, but he says interesting things in interesting ways, and is country music to boot.

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Designated Car Park

The Presbyterian Church office (Michelle) go above and beyond looking after us when we have committee meetings.

This is the most personally designated car park I’ve ever had.

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Footpaths Of Brisbane

The footpaths of Brisbane are pretty lush. This one was probably mowed the day before yesterday.

And while there’s not much to be said for city living they do have hard rubbish pickup.

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I See Love by Glen Campbell

I See Love from Glen Campbell’s album Greatest Hymns.
Very lush with string backing.