O Sing My Soul is from the first EP of Matt Boswell’s Messenger Hymns.
Apparently he has a new release with Matt Papa later this year. I’m looking forward to hearing it.

The lyrics:
O sing my soul the ancient song and lend Your highest praise
To Him who is the King of old and dwells in endless days
How resplendent His glory, How majestic His name
Now to the Uncreated One, O Let the anthem raise
O worship Him our Father God, The Spirit and The Word
Who fashioned all things from His joy, and saw that it was good
What perfection of friendship, what communion we shared
But choosing death we fell from life, aside the guilty pair
Now hear my soul the gospel song, attend the joyful news
For Christ has come the perfect Son, His Father’s will to choose
In our place He did suffer, In our place became sin
The death of death, the death of Christ who stands alive again
Now people of the risen Lord, o hear the call to go
Into the world we have been sent as messengers of hope
Christ alone be our treasure, Christ alone our reward
Come bid the nations sing, sing with us, the praises of the Lord

Words and Music: Matt Boswell and Matt Papa
(c) Copyright 2012 Dayspring Music, LLC (BMI).
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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