So, technology enables Disney to remake live versions of their animated classics.
And it’s the classics that are getting remade.
Don’t hold your breath waiting for a live-action version of Oliver and Company.
But what does it add by doing so, beyond allowing movie makers to add some contemporary themes to the classic narratives, or for current generations to hear voices they know coming out of characters mouths. (Or in this case, the same voice with James Earl Jones proving to be irreplaceable)
This trailer for The Lion King seems to mirror the original shot for shot in a reassuring fashion.
So, Disney are remaking their classics, recycling the Star Wars mythos, and retelling Marvel comic book stories.
Is the trend away from new creations a sign that their creators are fans of previous generations and want to play in the toy boxes they grew up in, or a sign of a market that prefers to watch what they know instead of looking for something new?
Either way Disney are sucking up huge sums of money.

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