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On Not Being A Painful Leader (via Dan Rockwell)

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From Dan Rockwell at Leadership Freak.
(There are expanded observations about the second five points at the original post.)

The 5 most painful leaders to be around:
1. Nit-pickers. You’re a bad case of heartburn when you belittle the 80% that’s good with the 20% that’s bad. (Enjoy the 80%. Improve the 20%.)
2. Ball-droppers. You’re a toothache when you don’t follow-through and follow-up.
Drama-makers. You’re an empty glass in the desert when everything’s a crisis.
3. Down-in-the-mouthers. You’re a stone in a shoe when you always need a pick-me-up from your team.
4. Hand-wringers. You’re an energy suck when all you see is what could go wrong.
5. Don’t expect success if you’re a constant pain.

5 surprising ways to advance your success with others:
1. Care deeply about relationships. (It’s not just results.)
2. Invite and act on feedback.
3. Advance the agenda of others, without sacrificing your own.
4. Understand the difference between advising and advocating.
5. Say what others fear saying.

Read the whole post here.

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