Two new articles written by David Cook (moderator-general of the Presbyterian Church) have been posted at the Presbyterian Church of Australia website.
One is a thematic followup to a previous post where David observes that
“no political philosophy can change the heart of people. Humans are in rebellion against their creator, they want what he can give, they just don’t want him.
By not having him, they regress further and further away from the model of what God created people to be – that model would become flesh in the Lord Jesus – and so greed, corruption and crime become our daily fare.”
David then points to Jesus as the only one who can change our corrupt hearts.
The other post is about a plan in his home church, the aim of which is to encourage and help people read the Bible.
“Promoting regular, careful, prayerful reading of the God-breathed word is surely a vital part of our pastoral calling and a vital part of our walk with God and growth in godliness.”

Read both posts here.

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