From Michael Milton speaks about the fact that training and qualification does not a pastor make. A relationship with a local body of believers is essential to grow a pastor:

I have a theory, tested only on myself and those assistants I have mentored, that congregations shape pastors as much as the seminary. Faithful seminaries and pastors do the work of preparing you, like a medical school prepares a physician, but it is at the bedside of a sick child that a fledgling physician learns to apply his study of diagnosis with love. It is in the eyes of the child looking to him for hope, that the doctor becomes a healer. We need more healers and fewer doctors. It is in the eyes of a widower, who is looking to you for answers, that you must locate the love of God in your life to give to him. It is during those moments, as much as in the study or in considering the latest sociological trends, that you become a pastor. We need more who seek to be healers and true physicians of the soul in the pulpit and the parish and fewer who aspire to be prophets and entrepreneurs.

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One thought on “Pastors As Healers, Not Doctors (via Michael Milton)

  1. Dylan Raines says:

    I think that a true mark of a healer is that they do not see their “patients” or the sick as being sick: they see them as healed and thus, are able to heal and restore them to what they truthfully and naturally are.

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