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N.T. Wright On Worship Songs, Old And New, Abiding And Transient

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Interesting thoughts.
‘And I think now it’s easier to write worship songs which are basically like teenage love songs. And there’s a lot of worship songs which are basically about me and Jesus falling in love. And, you know, that’s fine, but as I’ve often said to teenagers, the point of falling in love is it’s like striking a match which is a very exciting thing to do in order then to light a candle with it. A candle is not as initially exciting as a match but actually it’s a very beautiful thing and if you look after it it will last a whole lot longer. So, what I want to see is Christians trying to develop music styles, which okay, grow out of and have the energy of the excitement of contemporary music but are always looking for something which will sustain, something which will last.’

Worship Songs from The Work Of The People on Vimeo.

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