Today and tonight the *ahem* finishing touches and revision *ahem* will be being put to sermons all over the place.
Michael McKinley suggests these as eight points which preachers should pray while preparing their sermons.
Those who will listen to a sermon tomorrow could well use them as you pray for your preachers’ preparation as well.

1. Lord, please help me to understand the meaning of this text and how it points to Christ.
2. Lord, please increase my love for the people who will hear this sermon.
3. Lord, please give me wisdom to apply this text to the lives of the people in our congregation.
4. Lord, please use this passage to help me grasp and love the gospel more so that I might help my hearers do the same.
5. Lord, please help me to see how this passage confronts the unbelief of my hearers.
6. Lord, please help me to be obedient to the demands of this passage. Help me to enter the pulpit having already submitted my life to this truth before I preach it.
7. Lord, by your Spirit please help me to preach this sermon with the necessary power and with appropriate affections.
8. Lord, please use this sermon to bring glory to your name, joy to your people, and salvation to the lost.

One thought on “A Preacher’s Prayer To Pray For Your Preacher

  1. Al Bain says:

    If only you knew.

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