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Forty Items Tech Will Kill By The End Of The Decade

This article takes a stab at identifying forty everyday items that will be superseded by various tech advancements by the end of this decade.
Some will probably survive, but all of these seem plausible candidates to disappear.
Among them are car keys, cheque books, wrist watches and alarm clocks, and others.
Can’t happen?
Remember Kodak?

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Terry Johnson’s Calendars Of Hymn/Psalms For Corporate Worship

Terry Johnson is pastor of the Independent Presbyterian Church in Savannah, USA. Ligon Duncan refers to calendars of hymns and psalms for singing which Johnson produces around which the songs for IPC’s worship songs are chosen.
Johnson’s aim is for all the Psalms to be sung over a three year cycle and for the ‘best’ hymns to be sung twice each year.
The calendar for 2012 has been posted at the Alliance Of Confessing Evangelicals website, where it joins a page of similar calendars covering the last ten years.
A very useful resource.