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Bettina Arndt On A Prime Minister Who Shacks Up

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Bettina Arndt was part of the vanguard of sexual permissiveness during the 1970s.
Her thoughts on the sexual revolution have matured in a most interesting direction.
Here she writes for the Sydney Morning Herald: Shacking up is hard to do: why Gillard may be leery of the Lodge
Arndt’s reasons for her reservations about cohabitation and defacto relationships are not moral but rather sociological.
But while the media are poking around about the Prime Minister’s spiritual and marital state the only comment so far seems to be coming from the media itself.

The article is followed by a predictable firestorm of comment, much of it who must be completely unaware of the irony involved in some of the invective they’re hurling at Arndt.

HT: Isaac.

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