A great song that has a great lyric is ‘Receive the Glory’ by Bob Kauflin. Written to celebrate God’s goodness to the Sovereign Grace movement of churches, the theme of the song is instantly transferrable to any group who want to praise the God who is pleased to work His will through the imperfect efforts of His people.

Not to us, but to Your name alone
Be all the glory, the glory, forever
For Your faithfulness and steadfast love
Receive the glory, the glory belongs to You
Verse 1
All that we’ve accomplished You have done for us
And any fruit we harvest is a gift from Your hand
We are only jars of clay that hold a priceless treasure
And we exist to bring You pleasure, O God
Verse 2
Only by Your mercy can we come to You
Though we deserved Your judgment You have called us by name
So we glory in the cross of Christ that made us Yours forever
That joined our lives together to sing

To hear about a minute or so of the song visit the Sovereign Grace music website.
Use this web address: http://www.sovereigngraceministries.org/Worship/SongDatabase.aspx and type ‘receive the glory’ in the keyword search. A selection of songs will be given from which you can pick ‘Receive the Glory’.
You’ll hear the refrain and the first verse. The album from which the song comes, Sovereign Grace Live is consistently good.

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