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GIF Of Pluto Images Through The Years

NASA has released this GIF image demonstrating the increase in resolutions of Pluto.


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Most Kangaroos Are Left-Handed

As a left-handed person, I feel compelled to mention this.
A recent paper with the engaging title ‘Parallel Emergence of True Handedness in the Evolution of Marsupials and Placentals’ observes that ‘Bipedal macropod marsupials display population-level left-forelimb preference’.
In English this means kangaroos basically use their left paws in preference to their right ones for basic tasks.
Go here for a bit more background and a link to the paper in question.

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The Difference Between Hardwood And Softwood (via Today I Found Out)

Mount Gambier is surrounded by pine forests. There are some eucalypt forests as well.
This post on Today I Found Out is about what demarcates the difference between hardwood and softwood.
Apparently the Janka Hardness Test is the common scale for determining the hardness of various types of wood.
It also reveals (in a qualified sort of way) that the hardest wood comes from the Australian Buloke (pronounced “Bull-oak”) tree.

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Mosquitoes At Night (via Doghouse Diaries)

A great feature of living in Mount Gambier (and never, ever, going camping) is that mosquitoes are basically non-existent.
But I can still remember life in those bug infested parts of Australia, and have done pretty much all of these when I forgot the Aerogard…

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Sure, So It’s Clear Tonight

Only cloudy night in weeks.
Last night.
No problems at all tonight.
heh heh

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Norries Headland Horizon

The map says Norries Headland at Bogangar is adjacent to Cabarita Beach.
We walked along the beach and then up the Headland Boardwalk.
I appreciate the photographers looking being patient with my panoramas. Someday someone will teach me how to best use the camera in this phone.