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Sure, So It’s Clear Tonight

Only cloudy night in weeks.
Last night.
No problems at all tonight.
heh heh

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Norries Headland Horizon

The map says Norries Headland at Bogangar is adjacent to Cabarita Beach.
We walked along the beach and then up the Headland Boardwalk.
I appreciate the photographers looking being patient with my panoramas. Someday someone will teach me how to best use the camera in this phone.

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Tree Pruning Made Easy

I’m not a gardener.
This is how I imagine tree pruning should work.

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When Lunch Fights Back

This cat probably had dire intentions for a little chipmunk.
But the chipmunk had other ideas.

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How Wolves Change Rivers

This is an interesting video detailing the difference that the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park in 1995, after an absence of 70 years.
The scope of the changes to fauna, flora and physical geography is profound.
The speed with which the changes to the ecosystem take place is amazing.


Jaguar Stalks And Catches An Alligator

I never know what to have for lunch on my day off.
Unlike this jaguar.
The real action is at the end, but the entire piece is fascinating.

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Managing The Christmas Island Crab Migration

Four minutes or so on the methods used by the inhabitants of Christmas Island to prevent the annual migration of 50 million red crabs across the island turning into crab carnage on their roads.
ht: mental floss