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On Giving Advice Well (via Ed Welch)

Short post from Ed Welch that make a number of necessary points about the process of providing advice in a constructive way.

An excerpt:

Giving advice well
Good advice, at its best, comes only after someone has asked for it. It shows respect by listening carefully to the person’s question and asking what other advice the person has already received. It aims for give-and-take as it blends Scripture, the person’s strengths and weaknesses, the various circumstances of the moment, and humility. It prefers a consensus rather than a speech. And it follows up to see what path the person chose—love takes an interest.

Read the whole post here.

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Two Videos To Make You Cry Happily

Two very different videos that bring a similar reaction.
You may need tissues.

I have no idea who Kevin Durant is, but he won the NBA MVP award.
The whole speech is very humble and touching, but this section where he talks about his brothers and especially the last half, where he addresses his mother is wonderful.

8-year old Connor Michalek recently died of brain cancer, but not before he met his heroes from professional wrestling’s WWE. It is hard to say who inspired who more. No. Actually it’s not.


On World Down Syndrome Day Watch This Video

Down Syndrome International invite you to wear lots of socks to mark World Down Syndrome Day this March 21.
Watch this video in which 15 people with Down Syndrome respond to a letter from an expecting mother asking what life will be like with the Down Syndrome child that she’s carrying.
The video originated in Italy, and has subtitles.
It is a wonderful production and the ending is sublime.