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The Pastor’s Kid by Barnabas Piper – Kindle Edition Free At Amazon For One Day

The Pastor’s Kid by Barnabas Piper received a bit of buzz when it came out a month or two ago.
Barnabas’ father is John Piper, hence the widespread interest, though he has a bit of a following of his own as well.
Apparently he’s had an up and down experience of life as a PK.
The book should be an interesting read.
You can get the Kindle edition free today only.
I got the link from Gospel eBooks.

The blurb:

The-Pastors-Kid-199x300The Only One Facing As Much Pressure As the Pastor is … The Pastor’s Kid
Dad may be following God’s call, but the Pastor’s kids (PKs) are just following mom and dad. Often to devastating results.
Barnabas Piper – son of Pastor and bestselling author John Piper – has experienced the challenges of being a PK first-hand. With empathy, humor, and personal stories, he addresses the pervasive assumptions, identity issues and accelerated scrutiny PKs face.
But more than just stating the problems – he shares the one thing a PK needs above all else (as do their pastor/father and church) is to live in true freedom and wholeness.

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The Briefing To Cease Publication With Issue 414

The digital age overtakes The Briefing.
At their website, Matthias Media announces that the next edition of The Briefing will be the last.
I’ve been a subscriber since 1992 or so.
The advent of online material has diminished the effectiveness of what was initially a fortnightly bulletin of ‘brief’ articles, leading to its current form of a longer form magazine published every two months with the content also published on the website.
Though some of their emphases went in idiosyncratic directions, it was a helpful and practical resource.

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Oh Our Lord And King (King Forever) – Sunday Songs

Oh Our Lord And King was on the song list of the church I attended this morning.
(Back row, seat nearest the exit was specially reserved for me.)
When asking about this song the reply told me it ‘was an old one’.
I liked it.

The lyrics.
Oh, our Lord and King, our praise to You we bring
There is no other rock but You
Seated high above, You are the One we love
This is our song of praise to You
King Forever!
You are the first and You’re the last
You are Sovereign;
All Your commands will always come to pass to give You glory!
Who is like You?
Who else is worthy of our praise?
We exalt You;
You reign in majesty and awesome splendour, King Forever!
Abba Father,
Your steadfast love will never fail
You are faithful;
You are God and I will worship in Your courts forever
(Tag 3x “This is our song of praise to You”)

Alan Rose. ©1997 Kingsway’s Thankyou Music.

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Heidelberg Catechism – Lord’s Day 35

Heidelberg Catechism – Lord’s Day 35

Q. What does God require in the second commandment?
A. That we should not represent him or worship him in any other manner than he has commanded in his word.

Q. Should we, then, not make any images at all?
A. God cannot and should not be pictured in any way. As for creatures, although they may indeed be portrayed, God forbids making or having any likeness of them in order to worship them, or to use them to serve him.

Q. But may not pictures be tolerated in churches in place of books for unlearned people?
A. No, for we must not try to be wiser than God who does not want his people to be taught by means of lifeless idols, but through the living preaching of his Word.

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Brady Toops – Album Available Free On Noisetrade For Limited Time

brady_toops-cover-hiresBrady Toops has made his self-titled album available on Noisetrade for a limited time.
The album is described as a ‘combination of hymns, spirituals, and traditional singer/songwriter tunes’ rendered in a style that ‘combines elements of traditional folk, rock ‘n roll, and gospel’.
That’s pretty much how it sounds, with a lot of references to a young Johnny Cash sound that comes through on tracks like Lord, Have Mercy, though the vocals also evoke a Springsteen vibe to me.
It’s worth grabbing on Noisetrade while available.