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Footy Tipping 2014 – NRL Finals Week 2 / AFL Finals Week 3

Splendidly unexpected results with the AFL last week.
Mostly predictable results in the NRL, with only one real upset.
This week I’m continuing to pick favourites hoping they’ll lose.

NRL (last round 2/4; season tally 114/198)
Easts (North Queensland are due for some luck, though)

AFL (last round 0/2; season tally 141/204)

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Cary Elwes Is Writing A Book About The Making Of The Princess Bride

If you don’t love The Princess Bride go to another blog.
Cary Elwes (and a friend) is releasing a book, As You Wish, a collection of stories surrounding the making of the movie. Other cast and crew have contributed.
It would be inconceivable not to get it.
This article contains a few bits and pieces from Elwes to get you started.

In the meantime:

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Tsundoko: A Japanese Word That Means ‘Leaving A Book Unread After Buying It, Typically Piling Up Together With Other Unread Books’

TSUNDOKO (JAPANESE) n. Leaving a book unread after buying it, typically piling up together with other unread books.
This is from an illustrated selection of foreign language words that should be incorporated into English because there’s no single word English equivalent.
We need this one around my house.
It sounds nicer than ‘hoarder’.