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Irritating People

Helpful thoughts on learning from irritating people from Leadership Freak.

Among the observations: “Don’t let frustration drive your response. Learn and adapt, don’t react.”

It’s also nice to know I’m helping someone grow.

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Bulletproof Coffee

I tried a bulletproof coffee today.
(Look it up)
It was okay, but I won’t be chasing after another one.

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Free Resources From Ligonier Ministries To Mark Reformation Day 2014

Ligonier Ministries are making a number of resources available free to mark Reformation Day 2014.
Go and have a look.

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Fumes – New Album From Lily & Madeleine

Downloaded my preorder of Fumes from Lily & Madeleine today.
Just listen.

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Change And Transition

One of the workshops at the training conference I attended mentioned the difference between change and transition.
They are not the same thing.
Change is the event in which something becomes different; transition is the process in which change takes place.
Some people don’t accept change because the transition is not well-managed.
Leaders will often look back on unsuccessful or traumatic change and make the defence that they were right and it had to happen.
That may be true, but the issues of how that change was introduced and enacted, and how those who were affected by the change were led through the transition process are often ignored or marginalised.
Too often change is justified in our own minds and transition is not given the same amount of consideration.
It can take more thought to cultivate healthy transition than it does to arrive a decision for change.
Change can be obvious, the path by which everyone can get there can be more elusive.
Anyway, that’s something I’m thinking about at the moment.

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I’ve been waiting for a dozen years or more for a new desktop. This one may last me that long.
And I’m pretty much entirely in the Apple ecosystem now. Thanks to my friend in Brisbane who convinced me to buy an iPhone six years ago.

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The View From Where I’ve Been

Meroo Christian conference center, west of Sydney.
Last year we were leaving in a hurry because of concerns about bush fires.
This year it’s been superb.
Time to go home.