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Weekly Commentary On The Westminster Larger Catechism by Daniel Hyde

Daniel Hyde (accompanied by others) has relaunched the blog Meet The Puritans at Reformation 21.
One feature is Wednesday @ Westminster, a weekly commentary on the Westminster Larger Catechism.
This week is Question 1.
Brief, helpful, well referenced and practical.

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Hollow Square Hymnal by Cardiphonia

a3020891519_16Hollow Square Hymnal, Cardiphonia’s latest compilation release, is a selection of songs that have been recorded by various people, each song sharing shape-note style tunes.
Melodic and harmonic.
As usual, generous too. 22 tracks.
Have a listen.

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It Is Well With My Soul by Audrey Assad

One aspect of Audrey Assad’s album Inheritance that I’m enjoying is that each hymn is given an individual treatment.
They don’t sound the same, but they compliment each other as a collection.

Here’s It Is Well With My Soul.

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What It Would Be Like To Give Up Sweets For Lent

So much denial for so little reason.


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Facing A Task Unfinished

Keith and Kristyn Getty explain their partnership with OMF in releasing an updated version of Frank Houghton’s hymn Facing A Task Unfinished.

Here’s a recording of the song.

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The Hard Questions Of Decluttering A Local Church

The following questions come from an article by Karl Vaters about decluttering the body life of local churches.

Any church that’s been around for a while has long-standing ministries that are loved and used all the time. They’re front-and-center.
But we also have ministries that have not aged well. They’ve stopped working, but they still cost precious time and energy. They’ve been shoved to the side, but they still take up valuable space. And time. And money.
And no, I’m not talking about ministries that may have just a few people in them. Size has nothing to do with the value of a ministry. It’s about effectiveness.

  • What ministries have ceased to be effective?
  • What ministries cost more money, time or energy than they’re worth?
  • If we were starting the church today, would we do this?
  • What ministries don’t fit the mission or vision of the church?
  • Can this ministry be refreshed, or should it be ended?
  • What are we doing that we wish we didn’t have to do?

Read the whole post here.

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The Secret Origin Of Papyrus Font

Along with Comic Sans, Papyrus is a font that is present on lots and lots of computers.
It’s not held in high regard, but remains very popular in public usage.

This article introduces us to the Papyrus’ designer Chris Costello and explains how a font designed in 1983 has come to be everywhere.

From the article:

One day in 1983, Costello was doodling with a calligraphy pen on a pile of parchment paper, when he dashed off some spindly capital letters with rough edges and high horizontal strokes. According to Costello, he was inspired in his doodling by his own personal search for peace with God. “I was thinking a lot about the Middle East, then, and Biblical Times, so I was drawing a lot of ligatures and letters with hairline arrangements,” he says.
Something about the characters he had drawn spoke to him, so over the period of a few days, he worked on the letters, until he’d come up with an entire Roman alphabet in all caps. Costello was pleased enough with the finished design, which he christened Papyrus, to see if it could be turned into a font: his very first typeface.
So he sent it out to some of the big and small names in type distribution at the time. “Everyone rejected it,” he laughs. Except for one company: a small British company called Letraset that may have originated Lorum Ipsum text.

Read the whole post here.