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This Is Love / Come Thou Long Expected Jesus – Christmas Songs 2015 Day 2

Paul Baloche has produced a couple of Christmas themed albums.
This Is Love / Come Thou Long Expected Jesus is a track from the first of the two, and is a good example of taking a verse from an existing hymn and building a new song around it.
The use of the melody most commonly associated with the advent hymn Come Thou Long Expected Jesus, woven as it is through the song creates an added texture of new with old.
The lyrics are thoughtfully structured as well.

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People Who Don’t Feel Pain (via Today I Found Out)

I first read about the profound problems that people who don’t feel physical pain can experience in Philip Yancey’s book The Gift Of Pain.
This article on Today I Found Out reminded me of that as it unfolds that pain serves purpose.
From the post:

Congenital Insensitivity to Pain (CIP) is technically classified as a peripheral neuropathy- basically meaning you have damage to, or a disease affecting, your nerves. This rare condition leaves its sufferers without the ability to feel pain. It might seem like a blessing, going through life seemingly indifferent to all the damage our bodies take. The reality, however, is quite different. The side effects of this condition usually leave a person with life-long, crippling problems.

Read the rest here.

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Behold The Lamb Of God – Christmas Songs 2015 Day 1

Day one of Christmas songs is always Andrew Peterson’s Behold The Lamb Of God album.
God an buy one if you haven’t already.
(for the next four hours it’s even half price at Peterson’s online store, but still great value after that)
‘Nuff said.

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A tiger is provided a live goat for lunch, but ends up with a new friend.
“Keepers said the tiger is quite lazy by nature…”

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I Saw Santa Punching Arius

I thought I Saw Santa Punching Arius would be a great title for a Christmas song.
Courtesy of the internet, someone who already had the idea.

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O Come, O Come, Emmanuel – Sunday (Advent) Songs

I don’t know if I’ve ever reposted a Sunday Song, but to mark the beginning of Advent O Come, O Come Emmanuel, one of my favourite hymns, is featuring again.
I’ve posted it many times over the years in my Christmas music posts.
It’ll be back again next year.
This version by Pentatonix is wonderful, though truncated.

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Westminster Shorter Catechism – Lord’s Day 47

Westminster Shorter Catechism – Lord’s Day 47

Q & A 102
Q What do we pray for in the second petition?
A In the second petition, which is, Your kingdom come, we pray that Satan’s kingdom may be destroyed;1 and that the kingdom of grace may be advanced,2 ourselves and others brought into it, and kept in it;3 and that the kingdom of glory may be hastened.4

*1 Matthew 12:25-28; Romans 16:20; 1 John 3:8.
*2 Psalm 72:8-11; Matthew 24:14; 1 Corinthians 15:24-25.
*3 Psalm 119:5; Luke 22:32; 2 Thessalonians 3:1-5.
*4 Revelation 22:20.